Credentials You Should Look For In An Orthodontist

Choosing an orthodontist is a very vital process. An orthodontist will be occupied by the orthodontic care for a long time. He will also be involved in the treatment of the most visible part of the body – the smile. The process of finding an orthodontist can be eased by the following information.

General Dentist

For you to get a better orthodontist, a dentist can give you more than enough information. They will refer you to the best.


You can also get referrals from a dental insurance provider.

State Licensing Board

This is also one of the best places to seek this information. Their information is online. You can also see if they have complaints from patients through the state boards.


Orthodontist specialists are dentists that have pursued a dentist career for more than three years past the dentist college. They are also accredited for the program they take they will also get an orthodontist specialty certificate that is often called the master’s degree.

To know whether a dentist is an orthodontist, enquire if they are orthodontists through their advertisements. Dentists are no allowed to advertise their status if they are not orthodontists. If they are orthodontists, they will also limit their practice to that field alone because of their training. During their training, most of them receive the master’s degree and have a designated name.

You can also enquire if the dentist is a member of the American Association of Orthodontist (AOO). This is an organization that has only orthodontist members alone. Therefore, those who are members are regarded as orthodontists.

Board Certified

One of the next best ways of determining if a dentist is an orthodontist is enquiring whether they are members of the American Board of Orthodontists (ABO). This is a voluntary certification that orthodontists follow to have more knowledge in the clinical field. In 1929, the ABO was founded to have the orthodontist maintain a high level of clinical knowledge.

A certified orthodontist by the board has a high level of knowledge in this field with an overwhelming experience in clinical values. You will also become an orthodontist if you graduate from a special program. For this reason, you are also eligible to become one of the members certified by the orthodontist board. If you are involved in this process, you certainly show that you are an active participant of the group. You can find all certified members of the council on the ABO website.

Family, Friend, Neighbors

If your friend or family has been with an orthodontist, they are capable of recommending their services to you. You can also ask someone of their care as the best way of attaining certified information. They are also in a position to describe the doctor’s position to treat their patients. They will also describe treatment process to see if it fits your area. Their explanation will also show you their painful treatment procedures.