Ideal Age for Children’s Braces

When is the Perfect Time for My Kids to Get Braces?

Children can get braces done as early as age 6, but around age 7 is the earliest recommended age as that is the time most children begin to grow in their permanent adult teeth. Dentists will recommend that the ideal time for your kids to get braces is between 10 and 14 years of age. During these ages, the mouth is still growing, making it more conducive to orthodontic treatment. Although some parents opt to get their kids braces early on, it is never too late to get them. Braces on teenagers and adults are quite common.

How Long Will My Kids Have to Wear Them?

The average time children have braces is between eighteen months to two and a half years, but it is heavily dependent on how severe your kids’ orthodontic complications are. If they have wide gaps between teeth, bite issues, or are older, the longer they will need treatment procedures. After braces, your kids will need to spend a period of time wearing a retainer for up to two years to set the alignment in place. In rare cases, they may need to wear a retainer permanently to prevent their teeth from misaligning. Older teens and adults can expect a longer treatment period.

Will Braces be Uncomfortable for my Kids?

Braces and other similar facial adjustment procedures during the early teen years can be uncomfortable. It is recommended that you sit down and talk to your children first. Your kids may opt to get braces later on in their older teen years as it is never too late to get them.

Initially and during monthly tightening appointments, braces can be uncomfortable. Your children may feel mild pressure pains during the first few months, but the soreness will go away with time. Your dentist will also provide some options to relieve pain, such as wax or hard food alternatives.

What Kinds of Braces are Available for my Children?

Braces come in three general varieties and your dentist will recommend to you which will be best for the treatment. You will often have the option to choose which kind you wish your kids to receive. The three main types are lingual, bands, and brackets. All three types use a wire for alignment.

Bracket braces are the most common. They are plastic or metal brackets attached to the fronts of teeth.

The lingual type is the same as the bracket braces but is instead bonded to the backs of the teeth so that they are hidden.

The band braces are the most noticeable, covering and wrapping around a large portion of the teeth.