The Cost Of Not Filling A Cavity

Going to the dentist is usually not fun for most people. For a variety of reasons people tend to have high levels of anxiety when it’s time to make that yearly visit. Perhaps even more challenging is when you have dental work that needs to get done such as taking care of a cavity. It may often seem easy just to postpone such work especially if there is little or no pain that can be treated with over the counter medicine. This however can be a mistake. There are some severe consequences that can result from not having a cavity taken care of. The long term effects are often simply not worth the risk.

Understanding What A Cavity Is

Ultimately cavities develop when teeth began to decay. A cavity is a a small hole that can grow deeper and larger as time goes on. This is the process of your tooth breaking down. It can occur in both children and adults. The cause of a cavity can come from several factors. Tooth decay is a type of progression that occurs as time goes on. With bacteria that live in your mouth, your saliva can mix with sugary foods you digest and eat away at your tooth. Thus the importance of brushing. The Failure to brush your teeth and regular flossing can cause cavities to form.

Cavities Grow Over Time

Cavities are often barely noticeable when they first form. It often takes an X-Ray or other dental tools to see them in their early stages. However, as time goes on, the hole becomes larger and larger if it stays untreated. This is one of the biggest risks of not filling cavities. On top of this, failing to brush your teeth and regular flossing can cause cavities to form. Neglecting a cavity can lead to a severe toothache as well.

Cavities can Lead To Bigger Problems

If a cavity is left untreated it can destroy a part or all of the tooth. This can make it challenging to be restored with a conventional filling. In some cases where if a lot of the tooth is gone, only a dental crown can correct it. Going even deeper if bacteria reach the nerve and blood vessels then the pulp becomes can become irritated and infected. This can eventually lead to an abscess, which can be very painful. Root Canals become the only option at this stage.

Ignoring a Cavity Can Cost More in the Long Run

As mentioned, there are a number of other issues that can come up when cavities are ignored. This other work, including root canals, infections and crowns are usually much more expensive than a typical filling. This is all the more reason to take care of cavities immediately.

Ultimately cavities are not an exciting thing to take care of. Avoiding them however can often cause much more harm than good. It is usually in your best interest to get a handle on cavities as soon as possible.